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This chapter defines select terms as used within The Smut Sagas.  Traditional wisdom indicates that God cannot be defined by words because God is infinite and words are finite.  I disagree.  God is both infinite and finite, as are words.  Words are nothing more than ideas conveyed through sound and symbol.  Ideas are limitless.  If there is no word to express a concept, then such a word can be invented, or a current similar word can be expanded upon or redefined.  Words are infinite.  The only limit upon words are those imposed by people who are against the creation of new words.  Words are bound only by the mind.  If one can free the mind, one can free ideas, and one can free words.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” -- John 1:1

The etymology of the words I created are detailed in the next chapter.

Note:  Some terms are not included here because they are detailed elsewhere in the book.  If you can’t find it here, check the related chapter.  All dimensional and phase terms are detailed within “The Four Phases.”

actualizing/to actualize – concerns the physical rendering of objects.  Not to be confused with manifesting/to manifest, which means for the subtle body or astral spirit to appear in visible form.  Not to be confused with reforming one’s physical flesh, which is called materializing/to materialize. 

Akashic record –  Fate’s Tapestry, eternal and reaching to infinity, a record of everything that ever was, is, or could be, visible to those with the power to see through the fog of time.  An astral blue print, it had no mundane existence.  On the path of downward causality, as subtle forms passed into the muth, where they became phantasmal carbons, the Tapestry seemingly unraveled into individuality.  One’s life string became one’s silver chord, and only the individual string could be seen.

astral emanation - A method for reaching the astral realm, used by adepts, which are Kinder with an actualized third eye.  Adepts could transition between the physical flesh to the mind-body instantaneously, bypassing the threshold, by using gestures, including physically opening the third eye.

astral projection – A method for reaching the astral realm, used by neophytes and human/lovean occultist.  It required concentration and time.  The astral realm was attained by ingress deeper within one’s own mind, until one’s own mind could egress the flesh.  Within one’s self was the door to another dimension.  This door allowed one to enter the threshold.  
Neophytes meditated to control the frequency of his or her brain waves.  From beta, waking active consciousness, through alpha, the relaxation bridge, into theta, the meditative state, and into delta, the subconscious mind, and beyond.  Meditation, breath control, and the vibrations associated with audible humming, served to stimulate the pineal gland, the center of the mind.  The pineal gland itself was not the third eye.  The third eye could be thought of as a door to another dimension, with the pineal gland serving as the doorknob, and meditation serving as the key to the lock.  This door allowed the mind-body to travel the astral realm.

astralport/astral travel – to teleport in subtle form.

astral sight – some humans trained in the occult can perceive beyond the veil into the omni-transmundane replica, via astral sight.  The third eye in a human can be awakened but not actualized, meaning that it can be manifested in the subtle body, but not materialized in flesh.  Thus, for humans within the corporeal, the third eye doesn’t “see,” but rather, it functions as a sense organ of awareness.  This enhances the five normal senses, and together creates a “sixth sense.”  This enhancement allows the oculi-normalis to see into the omni-transmundane replica.

attethaa – the divine word of the breath of life, which is utilized at birth to activate dormant ka (life force) and to assign one a ren (true name)

bilocation / to bilocate – the ability to be in two places at once.  Unlike replication, wherein one duplicates one’s self completely, to bilocate, one temporarily bisects his or her soul and presents each half at a separate location.

boejjea – a Geisten  word  meaning god

chant of datakerefsh - an incantation to create a temporary body of flesh for one’s astral form, but it would not last long before turning to dust, and it required great amounts of energy, making it impossible to do more than once a day. 

chant of inverted brilliance –Since Shatter Kinder were, in their natural state, as ghost to the loveans, AngelusMors used this spell to illuminate themselves in a Koslovean polarity light. 

coalescence / to coalesce – the permanent joining of two souls together, in whole or in part, without refinement, so that each soul (or partial soul) retains all of its previous personality and memories.  Coalesced souls may exist simultaneously in one body, or be split apart into multiple bodies.

connecting and emerging - reestablishing one’s connection to the transmundane replica through postures and chironomy. 

convergence / to converge – a technique wherein twin Kinder temporarily become one god.  Convergence was only possible in the astral realm or the echo realm.
When converged, clothes and possessions merged, so one was wearing two robes, which occupied the same space as one robe.  This could get a little strange if the twins were wearing different types of clothes, which was why they wore uniforms.  If both kinder had on backpacks, both backpacks and the objects within would occupy the same space.
Since they share one mind, memories are shared and either Kinder’s memories can be remembered as if they are one’s own.  This ends when convergence ends for Shatter, but the memories are not forgotten.  For Geist, this sharing of memories can happen even if not converged.

dissipate – see severing and dissipating

divergence / to diverge – when converged Kinder separate themselves back into two separate gods.

echoport – to teleport in corporeal form via the echo realm.  See “The Four Phases”

fixed item – a physical item in Eden, usually a weapon, with a charge that is locked in as neutral. 

Geola – a celebration of Winter Solstice celebrated by Shatter Kinder

hands of the reaper – A feat possessed by those working in the field of death allowing one to effect the mundane replica from the muth domain.  See “The Four Phases.”

High Ritual of Deus – an esoteric ritual performed by Divine’s that requires a great sacrifice in exchange for a closer, more personal relationship with Paradox empowering one with special powers.  One of a few ways to gain the title of Major Magus.

humming – telepathic communication between two or more Geist Kinder.  The Geist Kinder could communicate through telepathy, and often they did not speak but “hummed” vibrations of thought to one another.  Their energies were interconnected and free flowing one from another.  One can hear the thoughts of other Geist Kinder only if he or she wants to be heard.  In this sense, it is just like speech.  If the speaker chooses not to speak or the listener chooses not to listen, or something interferes and distracts, the message will be lost.  Proximity affects the clarity of the inner voice as well.  A skilled telepathist can communicate with another skilled telepathist from across the globe or even from another dimension, but the average Geist Kinder is not that powerful.  Thoughts were strongest between relatives, and twins were so intimate that they could share feelings as if the event was happening to both.

incantation of the heterochiral breath -- used to reverse the polarity of a harvested soul

incantation of kyriotites – a chaos spell used to possess someone or something

incantation of repletion - “I am filled with the light and love of Paradox,” spoken in Shatter Kinder, along with a minor gesture, makes one no longer need to eat.  It allows one to receive nourishment directly from the cosmos, by inhaling the essence of Paradox through one’s every orifice, through the pores of one’s skin, through one’s chakras.  Leaves one awash in peace.  A type of union with the divine.

incantation of risorgimento – used to create boneboyes

incantation of utsupraestinfra - to actualize something that is pure muth energy into physical form.  See “The Four Phases”

incantation of telephainesthai  - a powerful spell to transport an astral item over a distance by telekinesis.  See “The Four Phases”

imparted knowledge – a form of one way telepathy, which is a skill possessed primarily by an adjudicator of humans, used to inform the Angel of Death of the dying human’s destination point in Lovea

impress / impressing / to impress upon - an unsophisticated, simple form of mental telepathy.  No words were used, only the transference of simple ideas.  Used by human occultist.

invasive telepathy – the ability to hear everyone’s thoughts, even when one wasn’t telepathically humming them, even when privacy blocks were being utilized, and even the thoughts of Shatter Kinder, who possessed no skill in telepathy.  Works only when one is in close proximity.

invasive thoughts -  the ability to plant thoughts in others’ minds, thoughts that sounded like one’s own inner voice, so indistinguishable that one would think the thoughts were one’s own.  Works only when one is in close proximity.

makhennu -  boat of the dead, used by Reapers to transport souls on the Medianus Iteru.

manifesting/to manifest – means for the subtle body or astral spirit to appear in visible form.  Not to be confused with actualizing/to actualize, which concerns the physical rendering of objects.  Not to be confused with reforming one’s physical flesh, which is called materializing/to materialize. 

maru-kabuta incantation (greater) – chanting of magic words that allowed one to echoport another kinder or human as a passenger for a short distance

maru-kabuta incantation (lesser) – The lesser maru-kabuta incantation is a version of the spell that allows one to astralport another’s astral form as a passenger. 

materializing/to materialize – Reforming one’s physical flesh.  Not to be confused with manifesting/to manifest, which means for the subtle body or astral spirit to appear in visible form.  Not to be confused with actualizing/to actualize, which concerns the physical rendering of objects.

mental sight – Mental sight was a technique of using one’s mind to pinpoint a humanoid’s whereabouts or a specific geographic location.  One’s third or fourth eye could visualize a pinprick of twinkling light upon a mental map, indicating the desired location.
It is used to see one’s destination when astralporting or echoporting.  One’s mental sight relied on geographic familiarity for places.  If one was unfamiliar with the location, it was difficult to get an exact fix.  If the desired location was an assignment, mental sight was typically guaranteed, and the location was clear in the mind’s eye.  However, if it was just a joy ride, and if the Kinder had not been there before, he or she could land miles away in an inconvenient location. 
Mental sight found a humanoid’s soul, not his or her flesh.  If properly trained, one could utilize the silver chord to find humanoids, by following the silver chord from the hourglass to the soul’s location.  Mental sight can be blocked by concealment postures or potions. 

mental touch – a mental power wherein one can make another feel his or her physical touch, overriding contact limitations imposed by the physics of polarity.  Combined and synchronized with telekinesis, mental touch can be powerful enough to lift and carry one of an opposing polarity.

mimicry / mimicking – an illusion of shape shifting wherein the Shatter Kinder learned the appearance of an individual’s light pattern and imitated it, for within a single memory was the entire essence of the remembered, in miniature, as fractals inside one another.  This allowed the Shatter Kinder to mimic the outer appearance of anyone whose image they had ever seen, as if wearing him or her as a costume, with no matching soul inside.

murti (plural murtis) – in Hinduism, an image representation that embodies an aspect of God

nast - A crust formed on snow by partial thawing and subsequent refreezing due to wind.

nimble hands -- Though difficult to master, spontaneous synthesis could be countered with enough practice and willpower.  It was not done through an incantation, but rather, it was a technique, a feat called nimble hands.

~A subtle Kinder with nimble hands could touch a corporeal Kinder and avoid spontaneous synthesis.
  ~A subtle Kinder with nimble hands could touch the omni-transmundane replica and avoid spontaneous synthesis. 
~A corporeal Kinder with nimble hands could touch a subtle Kinder and the subtle kinder would not experience spontaneous synthesis.

nom - an intoxicating drink consumed curing the Marriage to the Court.

polarisvertere ritual – a ritual wherein a Divine Kinder changed the polarity of his or her outer flesh, in order to appear opaque to the opposite race.  This made the skin transparent to kinder of the same race.  The soul inside remained unchanged in polarity and thus visible to kinder of the same race.  This made it difficult to keep one’s solid soul inside the ghostly flesh.  It was a secret knowledge, passed down from master to student. 

postures and chironomy – magick gestures used to express one’s will.  The movement of the flesh coupled with the desire of the mind was used to manipulate the subtle energies of the astral and echo realm, causing physical effects.  Also called mudras or gestures.

refinement – the act of refining or cleansing a soul between incarnations.  It was done by agitating the hourglass, which separated the soul’s memories from the soul’s essences, cleaning the slate. 

remote adjudication – a special skill possessed by SeerAnima.  It allows the SeerAnima to see remotely, through the AngelusAnima’s third eye, a dying human’s entire life in order to pass judgment. 

replication – the power to duplicate one’s self

replisect/ replisection - a lesser type of replication wherein the deity or item is not duplicated, but rather, is split into two or more. Thus, the deity or item is proportionately less powerful than when united.  This reduction of power can manifest in unusual ways.

ritual of transversum – a ritual performed by a gatekeeper to request permission from a higher god or goddess for a soul to pass through the gate.

rudismancy- magic concerning the rudimentary soul.

severing and dissipating – regarding echoportation, breaking one’s connection to the transmundane replica through advanced postures and chironomy.  Once done, the Divine had no sensory connection to corporeal Eden.  The Divine existed solely within the pitch.  This caused one to disappear if previously visible.

sherauhuh (sher-aw-hew) – Geisten word meaning  a young concubine

shphirhaahuh (shaf-eer’ ha hew) – Shatterish word,  a metaphorical concept similar to ‘beautiful breath of life that I desire’

Slukhtis – a legendary weapon, this kama was made from the soul of a powerful warrior.  It resides in the higher planes, but can be summoned into the corporeal.  It can be replisected into multiple less powerful versions of itself.

Solemn Voice - an official messenger of bad news. 

sowing - placing a reaped soul into its new reincarnation of flesh

spontaneous synthesis – to be forced back into one’s physical body from the astral or echo realm.  Spontaneous synthesis due to spontaneous closing of the third eye could occur if prolonged physical contact was made with the omni-transmundane replica.   Spontaneous synthesis due to spontaneous closing of the fourth eye could occur if prolonged physical contact was made with the transmundane replica.  Spontaneous synthesis within the echo realm caused the Kinder to materialize at his or her present location. 

transmutation / transmuting - actual shape shifting, wherein the Shatter Kinder devoured an entire soul, absorbing memories and personality into his or her own being through osmosis, experiencing the life as if it was his or her own, effectively becoming the entity at will.  A rare ability, confirmed only in Omega.

taijitu – the symbol of Taoism, known as the yin yang symbol, it is the “diagram of supreme ultimate”

transperceptify / transperceptification (formerly called transforming) –  The god rips a hole in the fabric of time, to the point of conception and mutilates reality to suite Paradox’s needs.  See “The Four Phases” 

unfixed item - In an unfixed item, the neutral charge that is its natural state changes polarity when in close contact with a Kinder to the polarity of that Kinder.  An example would be personal items such as clothing, a hairbrush, or weapons.  This change is typically fast, within sixty seconds of close contact.  Unfixed items do not change polarity if they are grounded, which means that they are in close contact with the shared universe.  For example, a dinner chair, though not a fixed item, will not change polarity to that of the Kinder sitting in it because it’s four legs ground it to the environment.  The fork the Kinder is eating with, however, will change polarity.  It is directly tied to animism, and the soul of the item.

voice, the / to voice – the ability to control the minds of others with one’s own willpower, using hypnotic suggestion.  It is usually done through physical speech, but can be done through eye contact and body language, though the method is not as effective.

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