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The Zodiac of Eden (ZOE) ~ The 12 Seasons of Influence

The Zodiac of Eden

The 12 Seasons of Influence

Traditionally, on Earth the 12 signs of the Zodiac are simply conventional names for 30-degree segments of the 360 degrees of the celestial sky.  The Zodiac is based upon the apparent path of the sun over the course of the year. It begins in Aries, at 0 degrees and ends in Pisces.1
The ZOE is somewhat different, of course, because of the geocentric paradigm of Eden.  Eden is the cosmic center around which the Suns and the perpendicular solar systems of Earth and Lovea spin. 
Thus, Aries of Eden will not be the same as Aries of Earth. 
The ZOE can be thought of as 12 divisions of the cyclical passage of time, or the 12 months.  Each division has its own set of characteristics, as influenced by the stars visible in the night sky during the specified time.  In the Suturian mythos, the Stars are actually the past lives of Paradox (God), thus the influence is actually the past life influences of God on current events.
As Eden’s sky is composed of two separate star systems, one for Order and one for Chaos, so too does the ZOE consists of two separate yet interworking Zodiacs: the Order ZOE and the Chaos ZOE.
Thus the ZOE is actually made up of the 12 signs presented twice, once positive, and once negative.  Furthermore, the complete ZOE is not a circle, but rather a sphere -- The Cosmic Egg as a Color Sphere.  Additionally, just like with the Suturian Trees, the ZOE looks different dependent upon who is looking, so the ZOE has both an Absolute and Relative state.
The Zodiac of Eden also reflects Crowley’s much debated “double loop.” 2   This double loop is also reflected in the Suturian Trees as the 4&5 paradox.  The movement along these two Zodiacs, utilizing Crowley’s double loop, becomes of course, a quadruple loop, and presents itself as a double helix.

The Absolute Order ZOE

One of the biggest leaps in the Suturian system is starting the Order ZOE with Scorpio and Autumn and the resultant association of the season Autumn with fire/Father and with the color +Blue (-Yellow).
Hot flames burn blue, so the association of fire to blue is an easy one.
It takes a bit more to justify the starting point as Autumn, but it basically comes down to “Which came first, the seed or the tree?”
The answer is, of course, both simultaneously, for that is the concept of concurrent downward and upward causality.  However, in the Order paradigm, downward causality takes center stage, thus, the answer becomes “the seed.”
What comes in fall but the harvest?  What is harvest but fruit?  What is fruit but seeds?  What are seeds if not the “Father”?
The fruit(seed) falls in autumn to the ground.  It is the time of fertilization.  (Masculine)
The fruit is dormant in the winter.  A time of rest, or renewing.  Renewal through death.  Father Winter.  Old Man Winter.  Father Time.  (Masculine)
The fruit gestates in the spring, aka Pregnancy & Birth. (The Female grows and then expels the fetus, thus Female)  The concept of giving birth as a “passive” concept is absurd to me, an idea generated in a time when what goes on inside the body was not understood.  For that matter, the concept of negative energy being passive is absurd, in and of itself.
  The plant lives in the summer.  The materialization of life in matter upon Mother Earth.  The material world of Earth, aka pentacles, aka Feminine.
Additionally, some plants, such as the banksia, will only release their seeds if there is a fire.  Fire cleans the ground of competitors and fertilizes the ground with ashes, offering a renewed growing zone. 3,4
Thus, Autumn represents the fire from which the Phoenix rises.

Locating the Zoe on the Trees

The ZOE can be found in multiple places on the Trees, both in the paths and in the spheres.  Those signs of the primary colors repeat, both on a path and in a sphere.  Those signs of the secondary colors only appear once per tree, on the paths.

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