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Who’s Who Correspondence Chart ~ Key to Symbols

Who’s Who

Correspondence Chart

A Sampling of Deities as they correlate to the Suturian Tree of Life1

Master Key

Underline   Abbreviation
Underline of entire name     Group Header   
~         Subset of Header
Italics  Additional Info
     Indent  Continuation of  what is above
/         Combination     
The Ogdoad are eight deities, presented as four female-male sets, who were part of the Hermopolitan cosmogony of ancient Khmun.  They represent the aspects of primordial chaos responsible for creation. Amun/Amunet are sometimes replaced by Niau/Niaut.

*Solar deities who are the sons of Aditi, ranging from 7 to 12 depending on sect and sometimes representing the Zodiac.

¤ Heavenly bodies that serve as celestial indicators, influencing and/or predicting the nature of an individual’s life, 7 of which represent the days of the week.

# Vasus are the eight attendant deities of Indra, whose inclusion/names vary, comprising day, dawn, fire, moon, pole star, sun, water, and wind.

^Dikpalas are guardians of the directions, with the four primaries also called Lokapalas.  Each has a guardian matrika.

Mahavidyas are ten aspects of the Divine Mother, Sati (Dakshayani), an earlier incarnation of Parvati, who teach wisdom by questioning the norm

§ Matrikas are forms of Shakti that came from the bodies of their male counterparts (except Chamunda, who came from Devi)  The seven, or sometimes more, mothers, function as one.  They represent control of the darker forces of nature. 

! 9 manifestations of Goddess Durga

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