Saturday, November 9, 2013

Color Theory ~ On Absolute & Relative States

So what exactly are Order Within Chaos and Chaos Within Order?
An absolute state represents the colors as they actually are, as if perceived by an unbiased observer, such as God.  The colors of Order look like they would to an Order Entity, i.e. Order Within Order.  The colors of Chaos look like they would to a Chaos Entity, i.e. Chaos Within Chaos.
However, Order Entities see Chaos colors as their chromatic opposites, which is often called a “negative image,” or “color inversion.”  I use the term Complementary Color to avoid any confusion that might be associated with the word “negative.” (For more information, see the chapter entitled “Complementary Colors”).  Additionally, Chaos Entities see Order colors as their chromatic opposites.
Colors altered by perception are in a relative state.
Thus, Order Within Chaos is Relative Order and Chaos Within Order is Relative Chaos.

In Summation

Absolute Order
Relative Chaos

 Make up the Order Hemisphere

Absolute Chaos
Relative Order

Make up the Chaos Hemisphere

This is what the Order Colors look like to Chaos Entities.  This wheel corresponds to Order in Chaos, Part of the Chaos Hemisphere.

Relative Comprehensive Order Color Wheel
~ As perceived by Loveans & Geist Kinder ~

This is what the Chaos Colors look like to Order Entities.  This wheel corresponds to Chaos in Order, Part of the Order Hemisphere.

Relative Comprehensive Chaos Color Wheel
~ As perceived by Humans & Shatter Kinder

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* * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * *

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