Sunday, October 6, 2013

Maps ~ Planes

The attributes of Earth, Lovea, The Sun Ordearth, The Sun Koslovea, and Eden vary depending upon the perceiver’s location.

To fully understand the dimensions as perceived from/within Eden, imagine the dimension representing Earth’s orbit as the floor in a two story house with two rooms, and the dimension representing Lovea’s orbit as the wall dividing the two rooms, and it goes through the floor into both stories of the house.  From Eden, Earth and Lovea occupy different planes, but are in the same dimension. 

From Earth or Lovea, Earth and Lovea occupy different planes but are also in different dimensions, while Eden is in a different dimension, yet on the same plane as both Earth and Lovea. 

If you need help visualizing this, print out the following illustrations.  Cut along the dotted lines and put the two sheets of paper together like a wall and floor. 

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