Saturday, October 5, 2013

Maps ~ Eden

0.  Ruling Sphere: Void
#0A Bottomless Pit

1. Genesis Region – Ruling Sphere: Creation
#1A Ptah’s Promise
Landmarks & Features: 
Outlying areas:  Heqet’s Reflecting Pool, Shore’s of Shu
#1B Sacred Cow
Landmarks & Features:
Outlying areas: Swamps of Tara
#1C The Garden of Eden

1.1 / π. Ruling Sphere: Ideas
#πA Temple of Sia
Landmarks & Features: Mount Plexus
 Outlying Areas:
#πB Shrine of Paradox ~ Paradoxos Fold
Landmarks & Features: Aur Vena Amoris
Outlying Areas:

2. Linga Region – Ruling Sphere: Father
#2A Odin’s Eye
Landmarks & Features:
Outlying Areas: Khnumville
#2B  Dagda Baile
Landmarks & Features:
Outlying Areas:

3. Yoni Region – Ruling Sphere: Mother
#3A Atlantis (underwater)
Landmarks & Features:  Shrine of the Virgin Mary, Cun Keep
Outlying Areas:  Neptune’s Bliss (island)
#3B Boann Shores
Landmarks & Features:  Vomb Palace, Bound Legends Bookstore
Outlying Areas:  Deep Caverns of the Lost Child, Mahadevi Jungle, Bethany’s Shack

4.  Four Seasons Region – Ruling Sphere: Cycle
#4A Freyaland
Landmarks & Features:  University of Logical Tautology, Crystal of Kismet (Earth) Sanctum of Anupu, Challah Café
Outlying Areas:
#4B Point Pleasant
Landmarks & Features:  Crystal of Constellation (Lovea), University of Mindful Wil
Outlying Areas:
#4C Will of Saturn Sanctuary

5.  Tombola Region – Ruling Sphere: Chance
#5A Salvaresk
Landmarks & Features:  Martyranny Manor, Temple of Shai, A Hotel Shed
Outlying Areas:   Jungle of Kernunnos, Loki’s Deligth (village)
#5B Wildren
Landmarks & Features:  Welkin Palace
Outlying Areas:  Land of Milk & Honey, Asherah Village

6. Ruling Sphere: Reverie/Musings
#6A Portal
Landmarks & Features:  Gravesite of Solanaceae family, Naein Ikhorous River
Outlying Areas:

7.  Feral Mountain Region – Ruling Sphere: Reason
#7A Sophia’s Grace
Landmarks & Features:   University of Harmonious & Systematic Cosmos, Prism of Providence
Outlying Areas: Toth’s Bluff, Dare Devil Hill
#7B Kvasirville
Landmarks & Features: Library of Hermes
Outlying Areas:
#7C Naos of Petbe

8. Excstacy’s Playground Region – Ruling Sphere: Passion
#8A Discordia – Landmarks & Features:  Castle Coriolis
Outlying Areas: Cliffs of Min, Pomona’s Orchard, Sekhmet’s Conquest
#8B Fuolen
Landmarks & Features:  Kroama Palace
Outlying Areas: Ravensdorf Labor Camp, Dream’s of Dionysis (village),Thiasus Retreat, Bacchus Vineyards
#8C Alsace Island

9. Ruling Shere: Reality
All of Eden in Total

10. Wastelands of Bane Region - Destruction
#10A Last City
Landmarks & Features:
Outlying Areas: Township of Perses
#10B Babd Villa
Landmarks & Features:  Airport – Zephyr Air, Church of the Second Coming, Spaceport - Arcanum of Concordance
Outlying Areas: Babi Desert, Bat Mountains, Valley of Agonies
#10C Mount Agni
Landmarks & Features:  Gaizka’s Cave
Outlying Areas
#10D  Mount Goibniu

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