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Bestiary & Plant Compendium


A list of plants and creatures
featured in The Smut Sagas
~ Color Coded to TOL ~

Echo Phase

Echo beings are echo energy dominate, and they exist in the echo domain.  They have never lived at all in physical form.

~ Creatures ~

Khahuhrus – SPOILERS!!! 

Astral Phase

Astral beings are astral energy dominate, and they exist in the astral domain.  They have never lived at all in physical form.

~ Creatures ~

Krysphaira - sentient beings native to the astral wilds.  They looked like giant soap bubbles, transparent orbs shimmering the colors of the rainbow.  They were gentle creatures, and some had been domesticated and were used as a mode of transportation to the higher reaches of the astral plane.  Boarded in astral form within the omni-transmundane replica, one rode inside the Krysphaira, but was not digested, for Krysphaira did not eat as a physical creature would.  Krysphaira simply absorbed cast off energy from that which was inside it, for astral bodies cast off something akin to body heat.  In the wild, it would swallow another astral being, live off of it for a while, and then spit it back out.

Muth Phase

Muth plants and beings are muth energy dominate, and they exist within the muth domain.  Muth beings may have once lived and are now dead, or they may have never lived at all in physical form, dependent upon the nature of the creature.  Those once living and now dead are commonly referred to as “spirits,” but one should not confuse them with the element of spirit, aka quintessence, or spirit elementals.

~ Plants ~

cucur vine – a vine that produces large gourds

ebony tears – Found only in the muth domain around Tenfkep.  Black vines dripping with black Fuchsia-like flowers.   

ercuss tree -- similar to the Cork Oak of Earth

~ Creatures ~

djinn – a disembodied spirit imprisoned in a glass decanter, enslaved by a master.

eyekos – Spirit birds, which looked like sparrows that were made of shadows.  The flock worked as a collective and had shared vision.  They sang a sad song, like the dirge of a female kalavinka after her lover had died.

ghosts – free roaming, disembodied spirits who, for various reasons, are stuck in limbo.

pretas - hungry ghosts, found in the muth domain.  The circumstances of their agony was dictated by karma, and thus they differed in plight and appearance.  They were humanoid but cadaverous with swollen, distended bellies and skeletal limbs.  Their skin was withered up like rotten leather.  Their faces were gaunt with sunken eyes, while their mouths were often miniscule or sewn together.  Their necks were elongated and scrawny.  For pretas, food was scarce, manifesting in abundance, but withering up or rotting before they could get it into their mouths.
What little food they found was difficult to swallow, sometimes bursting into flames once the preta tried to swallow.  Other times the food would expand and hang in their skinny throats, rotting there, slowly dripping decay into their hungry bellies.
Thus, they were never sated; always their distended bellies were doomed to grumble.  Additionally, they were oversensitive to heat and cold, with the heat of a candle burning them, and the cold of a cube of ice freezing them.

thos – Hellhounds, watchdogs.  They were creatures similar to jackals, but black as pitch, as if crafted from the very night itself, bespeckled with red pinpricks like laser beam stars.  They were hematophagous creatures.  They had the power to mesmerize with their eyes, and enticed their pray into laying prone and exposing his or her throat, at which point they pounced upon him or her and penetrated the victim’s veins with a retractable proboscis, an elongated mouth tube like those of the female mosquito, designed for piercing and sucking.

thunderbird / mothman - Inspires feelings of fear, coldness, terror, electricity, etc. in the observer.  Its form shifted as if made of a shadow blacker than black, a swirling confluence of all colors like an oil slick, yet somehow solid.  Like a Rorschach inkblot test, it could have been many things.  It appeared to be covered in ruffled black feathers.  It stood eight feet tall and had a wingspan of fifteen feet.  It had the broad, muscular chest and shoulders of a vulture.  It had the lower torso and legs of a man but fearsome talons instead of feet.  Its shifting face had no real shape, but the oversized, razor-sharp, black beak seemed fixed.
It had two huge, fierce, and powerful eyes, which glowed, usually red, but also green if channeling the will of another entity. Its shriek was like a pterodactyl’s roar, only backwards and dreadfully fast.  The creature smelled musky like a rotten animal in a wet forest.  A thunderbird’s natural habitat is a specific cave within the muth domain.  They are saprophytes, feeding off the ripple of fear and terror that lingers around tragedies.

vashigast - a ghostly guardian, a humanoid ghost who becomes a protector.

vowyr -  a creature native to the banks of the Medianus Iteru.  A leopard woman with gorgeous breasts, hippopotamus’ feet and the face of a crocodile.  Always female, they reproduce by fission after eating a soul.

Eden’s Mundane Phase

The mundane phase is the physical world.  This section focuses specifically on the mundane phase of Eden only.  Since the beasts of Eden are elementals, this section is further color coded to indicate the elements. 


In Eden, plants sang arias like crickets chirp and birds twitter.  Each species sang its own unique songs.  Some plants have an earthly counterpart, but many plants are unique to the world of the gods.

adoc flower - found in the Swamps of Tara, used in levitation potions.  Campanulate (Bell-shaped) flower, with a light blue luminescence.

amart shrub --thick, bitter-tasting root is used in levitation potion.  Grows in ashy soils.  A stemless, succulent plant growing to 24-39 inches tall, spreading by offsets. The leaves are thick and fleshy, resembling octopus tentacles, and are covered in spines.

ambrosia tree - contained bitter persimmon like fruit rich in mescaline, eaten by Shatter Kinder, and when infected, by Geist.

big reds -  mushrooms which grow up to thirty foot tall, found in the area of Dreams of Dionysus.  They are petrified and used to construct buildings.

cobradarlings - are carnivorous plants whose prey-trapping mechanism features a deep cavity filled with liquid known as a pitfall trap.  Similar to pitcher plants.  Grows up to five foot tall.  Native to Mount Agni.  They are poisonous, animated, angry plants that screamed like the vocalist of a black metal band.

droseros – Native to Mount Agni, carnivorous plants similar to sundews.  Grows up to three foot tall.  They lure, capture, and digest insects using stalked mucilaginous glands covering their leaf surface.  They are poisonous, animated, angry plants that screamed like the vocalist of a black metal band.

ego trumpet -  flower with seeds that contained lysergic acid amide, eaten by Shatter Kinder

eleazar tree -- native to Mount Agni, it has leaves which were large, about eight feet long.  Leaves are spirally arranged and are easily torn by the wind, resulting in a frond look.   large herbaceous flowering plant that tall and often mistaken for trees, but their upright stem is actually a pseudostem that grows 20 – 30 foot tall, growing from a corm.  Looks similar to a banana tree, but its fruit, though similar in appearance, is toxic.

fey cap - A mushroom containing psilocybin.  A dietary staple for Shatter Kinder.

gogo shrub – Grows 6-30 foot tall. Has small green leaves, white and pink flowers, and orange, round or oval fruit.  Its yellow-colored roots contain ibogaine and are eaten by Shatter Kinder.

hul gil – an opium poppy, eaten by Shatter Kinder

iya – a flower that was rich in tetrahydrocannabinol, eaten by Shatter Kinder

J├Ârmunrsul  –  a colossal tree with metallic golden bark and foliage.  Its flowers were all tendrils and spikes, like oversized bromeliad flowers that were made of black nacre.  Its song sounded like the harmonious, lustful moans of a woman reaching climax. 

lerrab-teews -- a cactus plant with bright red trumpet flowers, teews pulp is used in levitation potions

passiflora – flower of Mordecio & Astothan, Eden’s equivalent to the Passion flower.

phalaris mons-avon - grass rich in dimethyltryptamine.  Staple of the Shatter Kinder diet.

psylocybe-eris - A mushroom containing psilocybin.  A dietary staple for Shatter Kinder.

rueion – a flower that contained harmine, eaten by Shatter Kinder.  A perennial plant typically 11-31 inches tall, preferring dry soil.  The flowers are white, 1- 1.5 inches and stellate (star-shaped).

Saybah tree – a giant tree that grows in the jungles of Koslovea

semilanceata – A mushroom containing psilocybin and baeocystin.  A dietary staple for Shatter Kinder.

tipitiwitchet - Native to Mount Agni, similar to giant, Venus fly traps, these plants grow up to nine feet tall. A carnivorous plant that catches and digests animal prey. Its trap is formed by the outermost portion of the plant’s leaves and is triggered by tiny hairs on their inner surfaces.  They are poisonous, animated, angry plants that screamed like the vocalist of a black metal band. 

tolguacha - flower of Mordecio & Astothan, Eden’s equivalent to Datura.  An annual herb forming bush 3-5ft tall with beautiful trumpet flowers, leaves like bat wings, and spiny seed capsules.  This plant is known to be hallucinogenic.

via mint – a plant used by Shatter Kinder to make a tea, which was sweet like stevia, minty like spearmint, and contained an abundance of salvinorin A, like salvia.

wailing fur - ancient, slow-growing evergreens found in the Feral Mountains, whose song sounded like chanting monks. 

wapaq  -- mushroom which were rich in muscimol.  Often red or orange with white spots.

~ Creatures ~

The territories of Eden were full of all types of animals, which were actually elemental beasts, with the word elemental referring to the archetypal classical “elements” of air, water, fire, earth, and spirit.  Just as human flesh is 62% water, a creature’s flesh is dominated (75% or more) by the element in which it has been categorized.  Humanoids are a more balanced mixture of all elements.
            These creatures could be commanded by certain Kinder.  The elementals were god forms representing the animals of Earth and Lovea.  All descriptions in the bestiary are through the eyes of a Shatter Kinder and are negated when viewed through the eyes of a Geist Kinder.   All entries may be encountered in Eden.  Unless otherwise noted, all entries are native to Eden.
            Most non humanoids are fixed neutral.  Most humanoids have a charge until dead, at which time they behave like any other object.

Air Elementals

Air elementals’ bodies were made out of the very atmosphere, which could include any mixture of the chemical elements in their gaseous states, as well as small amounts of floating debris or dust.  Some of the air elementals thus appeared to be there but not there, like solidified, morphing air, ethereal, like vapors rising from a hot road, similar to the appearance of active camouflage, while others appear to be like clouds or mist.  Air elementals came in all shapes and sizes, some resembling the familiar shapes of the legendary griffins, dragons, and Pegasus, but also in the more common shapes of bugs, bats, and birds. 

air deoxyribo  – A creature similar to a snake, found amongst all elements

ariapeg - a birdlike creature with the head and wings of a humming bird and the body of a seahorse.  They always traveled in flocks. 

fluttera – a butterfly made of clouds

muzkah – a common housefly

nesierax – glowing red falcon-like birds made of neon gas

recarffilc – was a huge bird, with a wingspan over twenty feet.  Instead of a traditional beak, it had a long, sharp bill that resembled a sword over a mouth full of long, needle-like teeth with a hinged lower jaw.  To make matters worse, it was made up of hydrogen chloride gas contained by a skin thin membrane.  Any cut would expose the gas to atmospheric humidity and release an acidic mist of concentrated hydrochloric acid that could leave one blinded, gasping for air with burning lungs while one’s skin peeled off in oozey globs.

zefragon -  The dreaded beast looked like a huge cat in the sky, with its body shaped like a running cheetah’s.  It had scales, not fur, scales that shimmered like a rainbow trout, or the bottom of an old copper pan.  It had small wings and long whiskers, like a Chinese dragon.  It breathed steam, which was so hot that it would peel the skin right off its enemies.

Earth Elementals

Earth elementals’ bodies were made out of the very rocks and dirt, which could include any mixture of the chemical elements in their solid states as well as small amounts of water in the case of mud.  Earth elementals came in all shapes and sizes, some resembling the familiar shapes of the legendary golems, gargoyles, and unicorns, but also in the more common shapes of worms, moles, and groundhogs.

brimbleblatt - Basically a cockroach made of sulfur.  Releases diphenylamine as a defense.  Taken orally by Kinder, it functions as a drug, a spiritual downer, street names: Blatt, need some more

capra - similar to goats, but made of X (white gemstone?).  They were domesticated and prized for their dairy products.

chepritera – jeweled beetles, which are made of actual jewels

darwinites – termites made of gemstones

earth deoxyribo  – A creature similar to a snake, found amongst all elements

khurliches  –  roughly three feet tall and made of orbicular granite.  A khurlich looked like a muscular Peterbald cat with bat wings, ferocious teeth, and small, devilish horns.  The language that they spoke was Proto-Slavic. Often used as protectors.

naxomot – a groundhog like creature made of green onyx

olifant - a creature much like an elephant, made of jade

praw  –  an elephant-sized frog like creature with the ability to echoport.

pompeii –  One of the creatures that was native to the Feral Mountains was the Pompeii, which was a Thylacine like creature with vestigial bat like wings.  Its hide was made of some precious, black drusy gemstone and thus sparkled as if innumerable miniscule black diamonds covered it from head to toe.  Pompeii traveled in packs.  In unison, they howled the Pompeii’s lament, which translated into something like:
Yes, we cover the past, we are the caretakers of the past, and we bury it like bones, to save for later.  We preserve when we can, destroy what we must, and embrace it all.  Dust is a god.  In time, everything is covered in dust.  Dust is always in the air, settling down upon us, sometimes violently like in a sandstorm, as during the Dust Bowl of the dirty thirties on Earth, when the very earth rained down.  Over time, dust settles over the past and covers it up completely, known as the sands of time.  Ashes to ashes and dust to dust, we were made from dust by god, we return to dust when we die.
The Pompeii’s diet consisted mainly of water elementals.  Pompeii’s had large fangs used for draining the liquid from their prey through small circular incisions.  The mainstay of their diet was the Blood Fish.  The Pompeii would use their rock hard paws to pound cracks into the ice, and then use their sharp claws to dig away the ice to expose the water underneath.  The pack would have its own favorite fishing spots that it would maintain over the course of the winter, and pack wars over the best spots were common.
Pompeii are marsupials, and their young are called joeys.

quuscallus - Domesticated creatures which were rode or used to pull chariots.  They were elegant and regal beasts, slightly smaller than a horse, with sleek, muscular bodies like that of a panther.  They were made of yellow jade, and were covered in large, hardened, plate-like scales that were mottled, like the color of parchment paper.  They had long, thick necks.  Their faces were like a sea lions, and were adorned with long whiskers.  Large, brilliant orange horns spiraled from the tops of their heads.  Their tails were like a bobcat’s.

scuzzlewugs, hamster like creatures with pockets in their mouths. 

spithre – a creature like a spider, it feeds on water elementals by draining out its preys liquid insides.  However, it can also feed on other elemental creatures, by liquefying that creatures insides and then consuming them.  Beware the black spithre, known to eat its mate.

vigghe - A creature that is made of Anthracite.  It looks similar to and sounds like a pig.

zhomzux - A rabbit sized creature with three heads and thus three pineal glands, which made a fantastic stew.  Zhomzux are prized for their furry coats.

Fire Elementals

Fire elementals’ bodies were made out of flames.  Thus they were considered the most holy of the elemental creatures because of their similarity to the suns.  The suns were living beings of plasma, fire elementals on a grand scale.  The suns were entities that billowed life from their tongues of fire, licking the faces of creation, nurturing plants with their sacred rays and thus nurturing all life, all the while rife with destructive properties, making sick with cancer those who dared to spend too much time soaking up their powerful rays.
Fire elementals appearance was that of fire and plasma flickering in a fractal display of self-illumination, often with striations, and in a variety of colors.  Some were more solid than others.
Fire elementals were rare, exotic, and not understood.  They came in limited shapes and sizes, some resembling the familiar shapes of the legendary phoenix, but also in the more common shapes of peacocks, salamanders, and orbs. 
Fire elementals were native to Destruction Region and were partial to Mount Agni and Mount Goibniu. 
 Many thought fire elementals could refine a sick soul, offering rebirth through destruction, while others thought fire elementals could completely obliterate a soul, taking one out of the reincarnation loop.  Kinder who had somehow failed in their duties would occasionally seek out these rare creatures and offer themselves as sacrifices.

amba - a large, tiger-like creature made of purple glowing coals

coid – crawfish like creature made of orange molten rock.  They live in hot springs.

eskharasaurus - a plesiosaur-like monster that is made entirely of orange fire and lives in lava lakes.

fire deoxyribo  – A creature similar to a snake, found amongst all elements

glow newt – salamander made of electricity

moko – a creature that looks similar to an iguana. It is made of jet and prone to spontaneous combustion, which doesn’t harm the creature.

orbi – luminous, floating, sentient sphere made of fire, plasma, or electricity, depending on species.  Often kept as a familiar and can be summoned.  Used for light.

phoenix – bird made of blue fire like the burning gas of a stove eye

taus – a bird, similar in appearance to a peafowl, with long trains adorned with ocelli, crest atop its head, and iridescent plumage.  Made of neon magenta and electric blue plasma, like that found in a plasma lamp.  Known for pecking one’s fucking eyes out.

Water Elementals

Water elementals’ bodies were made out of liquids, which could include any mixture of the chemical elements in their liquid states, as well as small amounts of floating debris.  Some of the water elementals were actually made out of pure water, and were thus transparent with a very light blue hue.  However, some of the water elementals were made from other liquids, such as red creatures made from blood, silver creatures made from pure liquid mercury, green creatures made from chlorophyll, and ever-changing rainbow colored creatures made from the waters of the chaos oceans.
Water elementals came in all shapes and sizes, some resembling the familiar shapes of the legendary Melusine, Hippocampus, sea serpents, and Krakens, but also in the more common shapes of earth bound sea creatures such as fish, jellyfish, squids, octopuses, whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals, manatees, and crustaceans.  Small species were native to the lakes, ponds, and streams, but most of the larger species lived in the oceans.
Many water elementals lived in water, but not all of them.

blood fish – Fish composed of blood, native to the Feral Mountains.

dred –  a cryptid described as an oversized, ape-like creature made entirely of ice.

mruqs - Large, slug-like creatures found on the glass of the Crystal of Kismet & the Crystal of Constellation.  They were suctioned to the side of the glass, and they would clean the glass with their mouths, purifying and sanctifying the space with their sacred spit. 

water deoxyribo  – A creature similar to a snake, found amongst all elements

waterworm – A Fluttera caterpillar, made of water

siphs – a pest like a flea but composed of blood

Spirit (Quintessence) Elementals

Spirit elementals’ bodies were made out of pure spirit energy, raw kundalini power.  Spirit elementals often came in the reptilian shapes of snakes and lizards or as birds. 

dragon – The legendary beasts of mythology, dragons are huge flying, lizard like creatures, with mirrored scales, an unbelievable stench, acidic spit, breath of fire, and massive strength.  They love treasure and meat. 


bomothe - a race of giants, god forms representing reptilian thought.  They were about sixteen feet tall with massive legs and broad shoulders.  Their skin was teal like the salted sea and thick, leathery like a boar’s hide.  Their features were elongated and delicate, a contrast to their size and skin.  Their heads were bald, and their eyes were as black as wet onyx.  Thought to be extinct.

Geist Kinder - a race of fairies, gods representing chaos.  Their average height is around four feet six inches tall.  The flesh of a Geist Kinder appeared to be a pale, grayish blue.  Their hair was shades of blue or white and their eyes were blue as well.  Their wings were bug-like in nature.  The skeletal infrastructure of their wings looked like the branches of a tree, though a rich blue and purple in color.  Over this stretched a translucent membrane, black in hue and opalescent, reflecting a rainbow of milky colors in the light.  Despite its brittle appearance, their wings felt flexible and strong, as a bug’s wings would be considered strong to another bug. 
Even if a Geist Kinder had fully developed his or her third eye or forth eye, it was rarely made manifest in flesh or in the subtle body.  Most Geist Kinder entered the astral realm through astral projection only.  Divine Geist rarely had the gift of echoportation. 
Geist Kinder are made of the light of Koslovea, and come into being via the interference provided by Ordearth.  They see the world in its negative as compared to how humans see.

Tellurian Powers may include:  humming, flying, astral projection
Divine Powers may include: mental touch, telekinesis, invasive telepathy,
invasive thoughts, divination

humans – native to Earth, they are the shattered souls of fallen gods.  Adam and Eve were the first gods to crumble, according to the kinder story of creation.  Humans are made of the light of Ordearth, and come into being via the interference provided by Koslovea.  They see the world as Shatter Kinder do.

loveans – native to Koslovea, a human in a metamorphosed state in the “afterlife.”  Humans are the caterpillar, Loveans are the butterfly and a life in each realm equals one complete life cycle. Loveans are made of the light of Koslovea, and come into being via the interference provided by Ordearth.  They see the world in its negative as compared to how humans see.

Omega – A mixed race of Shatter Kinder and Geist Kinder, with some of the magical abilities of both races.  They have the power to shape shift as well as telepathy.  They possess the power of regeneration, but can only regenerate the features of a Shatter Kinder.  They are a cursed race with a painful desire to devour souls, brought about the severance of their Geist Kinder wings coupled with an awareness of their identities.
They appear as Geist Kinder when on Earth, the Order dimension, with the reflection of a Shatter Kinder and they appear as Shatter Kinder on Lovea, with the reflection of a Geist Kinder.  They typically shape shift into the appearance of the native races.  In Eden, their appearance strobes between the two forms. 
Divine powers include: humming, transmutation, regeneration, the voice

Shatter Kinder - a race of sabbatic goats, gods representing order.    Their heads were like a goat’s.  Black flames snorted from their flared nostrils.  Their heads were topped with fierce horns that seemed more solid than the rest of their bodies. 
            Their bodies were human from neck to lower thigh.  The fur thickened on their lower legs, and bushed out like a pair of bellbottom pants around their hooves.  Their average height was seven foot six inches tall.
            Their forms continuously created and changed, seeming as poisonous, rolling smoke, both black and every hue in chaos at the same time.  It was the shape and structure of Chaos, distinguished from its substance, Void.  It was the essence of Pattern, distinguished from its shape and structure, Chaos. 
            Their eyes were infinite, and ever changing in depth and hue.  In addition to the two eyes of normal vision.  If a Shatter Kinder had fully developed his or her third eye or forth eye, it was made manifest in flesh as well as the subtle body.
The third eye was positioned in the middle of the forehead and it was slightly larger than the two eyes of normal vision, but not nearly as large as the oversized forth eye, which was located between the horns, upon the top of the head.
The male’s faces were framed with a long mane, thin threads of obsidian shimmering like black icicles.
Female Shatter Kinder looked much like their male counterparts, but they were smaller, including their horns, which were more crescent-shaped.  They lacked the mane about the entirety of their faces, but were ornamented instead with locks of spiral curls that grew from the tops of their heads like human hair, surrounding their horns and forth eye (if awakened).  Furthermore, their torsos were as a human female’s, and their fur was softer and less course.
Shatter Kinder are made of the light of Ordearth, and come into being via the interference provided by Koslovea.  They see the world as humans do.

Tellurian powers may include:  mimicking, regeneration, the voice, astral emanation, mental sight
Divine powers may include: echoportation, divine voice, bilocation, replication, actualization, transformation, mental sight, imparted knowledge

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