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Reaping 101 ~ How to Harvest a Human’s Soul

How to Harvest a Human’s Soul

A human life cycle consist of a lifetime on Earth, followed by a lifetime in Lovea, with the same ba.

1. With mental sight, a SeerAnima (E) – an Earth Seer-- identifies the dying human’s hourglass. 
2. SeerAnima collects all four aspects of the dying soul’s hourglass
3. Next available AngelusAnima -- an Earth Angel of Death -- for the assigned region (continent) astralports to Earth’s equivalent to the Judgment Hall, called The Adjudication Tribunal, which is the part of the Crystal of Kismet where the SeerAnima works.
4. SeerAnima licks his or her finger and uses a gesture to put his or her finger through the glass without piercing it. He or she retrieves a single grain of sand (called refined memory sand) without damaging the hourglass. Sand is placed upon the tongue of the AngelusAnima, which allows the AngelusAnima to know the memories of the dying human.  However, unlike for Divines, the memories are time released and are triggered when one opens one’s mind to Paradox’s judgment. The AngelusAnima assumes a comforting image from human mythology/religion, often an angel.
5. SeerAnima puts the hourglass into a pouch and gives it to the AngelusAnima
6. The AngelusAnima astralports to the dying human yet remains hidden
7. The AngelusAnima opens his mind to Paradox’s judgment.  The SeerAnima uses remote adjudication that allows him or her to see remotely through the AngelusAnima’s third eye, thus the SeerAnima knows the memories of the dying human.  The SeerAnima, from his or her location in The Adjudication Tribunal, can see the dying human’s entire life in order to pass judgment.  The AngelusAnima is privy to this information during the reap, but it is forgotten when the reaping is complete.  Once judgment is passed, the dying one’s destination point in Lovea is made known to the AngelusAnima, via a form of one way telepathy called imparted knowledge, and the reaping proceeds according to the SeerAnima’s dictate.
8. The AngelusAnima uses the Voice to inform the human of his death.
9. The AngelusAnima snips the human’s silver chord
10. The AngelusAnima guides the dead to Lovea, via a river at the center of the muth domain called the Medianus Iteru, and protects the soul on its journey.  Dead humans do not have the ability to defy the power of the voice.  They always follow the reaper.
11. The AngelusAnima takes the soul and hourglass to the Crystal of Constellation and hands the task off to an AngelusMors --a Lovean Angel of Death.  The AngelusMors inverts the polarity of the soul via the incantation of the heterochiral breath.  The AngelusMors takes the soul to its destination according to the SeerAnima’s dictate.  One is not born into Lovea like one is born on Earth.  The dead maintains his or her ba, though amnesia of previous lifetime may occur.
12. The same old hourglass is inverted and hung in the Crystal of Constellation by an AngelusMors.
13. The human lives a life in Lovea.
14. SeerMors  -- a Seer for Lovea -- identifies dying lovean’s hourglass. 
15. SeerMors collects all four aspects of the dying soul’s hourglass.
16. Next available AngelusMors for the assigned region astralports to The Evaluation Chamber -- The Judgment Hall of Lovea. 
17. SeerMors pierces the hourglass, making a hole, and the sand was poured out into a shallow dish. 
18. SeerMors corks the hole in the hourglass, puts the hourglass into a pouch and gives it to the AngelusMors.
19. A single grain of the refined memory sand from the hourglass is placed upon the tongue of the AngelusMors, which allows the AngelusMors to know the memories of the dying lovean.  The AngelusMors assumes a comforting image.
20. The AngelusMors astralports to the dying lovean, and from within the muth domain, used the Voice to inform the lovean of his or her impending death. 
21. The AngelusMors snipped the lovean’s silver chord
22. Then AngelusMors guided the dead to The Evaluation Chamber, via the river at the center of the muth domain, and protected the soul on its journey.  Dead loveans cannot resist the Voice.
23. Once at The Evaluation Chamber, The AngelusMors inhaled the dead lovean into his lungs.  Then he blew the soul out into the lovean’s former hourglass. 
24. The AngelusMors agitated the hourglass, which separated the soul’s memories (personality of the recently ended life) from the soul’s essence (the life force), cleaning the slate.  This was called refinement.  The soul’s memories become memory sand that was placed into a shallow dish.  Cleaning the slate resets the soul’s polarity to neutral.
25. The SeerMors then weighed the memory sand against the refined memory sand on a balance scale.
26. The SeerMors passes judgment.  If the memory sand is lighter than the refined memory sand, then the soul is rewarded.  If the memory sand was the same weight, then judgment is neutral.  If the memory sand is heavier, then the soul is damned.
27. The old hourglass, which still contains the soul’s essence, was placed in a sacred bag and given to the AngelusMors.  Sometimes, multiple lovean souls return to Eden to become Kinder again.  In such a case the souls are taken to The Prism of Providence and processed accordingly.  Typically, lovean souls return to Earth to become human again, and this chart proceeds as such.
28. The AngelusMors brings the soul to The Crystal of Kismet.  An AngelusAnima is given the soul, along with the soul’s destination inside a pregnant human.  The soul assumes the polarity of the womb in which it is placed.  Once the AngelusAnima has reincarnated the soul, he returns to The Crystal of Kismet. He gives the hourglass back to the AngelusMors, who takes the hourglass back to the SeerMors.
29. The SeerMors blows a new hourglass from molten glass that he made from the refined memory sand, the old hourglass, and raw materials. 
30. The new hourglass was then filled up with the memory sand.  The AngelusMors takes the new hourglass to The Crystal of Kismet and hands it off to an AngelusAnima.   
31. AngelusAnima places the new hourglass in its new location in The Crystal of Kismet.
32. The new soul’s memories develop over the human’s new lifetime.


E.  SeerAnimas & AngelusAnimas are already in the lower muth domain and are already converged.  Due to the high volume of human deaths, when on duty, they work non-stop.

NOTE:  Reapers may not astral or echoport into the judgment hall with a soul.  The soul must always be brought in to the judgment hall via the Medianus Iteru.

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