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Reaping 101 ~ How to Harvest a Kinder’s Soul


1. Divine Seer identifies dying god’s hourglass.  If twin gods are being processed, both hourglasses are collected.
2. Twin Divine Seers enter echo realm – a hidden dimension of the astral realm
3. Divine Seers converge (A)
4. Divine Seer enters higher muth domain
5. Divine Seer collects all four aspects of the dying soul’s hourglass
6. Divine Seer tolls gong to summon Divine Angels of Death to The Divine Judgment Hall
7. Divine Angels of Death hear tolling gong, converge, and echoport to The Divine Judgment Hall
8. Divine Seer pierces the hourglass, making a hole, and the sand was poured out into a shallow dish (B)
9. Divine Seer corks the hole in the hourglass, puts the hourglass into a pouch and gives it to the Divine Angel of Death 
10. A single grain of sand (C) (called refined memory sand) from the hourglass is placed upon the tongue of the Divine Angel of Death, which allows the Divine Angel of Death to know the memories of the dying kinder.
11. The Divine Angel of Death assumes a comforting image
12. The Divine Angel of Death echoports to the dying god, and from within the muth domain, uses the Divine Voice to inform the god of his death 
13. The Divine Angel of Death snipped the god’s silver chord
14. Then Divine Angel of Death guided the dead to the Judgment Hall, via the river at the center of the muth domain called the Medianus Iteru, and protected the soul on its journey.  If the dead god does not come willingly, the god is taken by force.
15. Once at the Judgment Hall, The Divine Angel of Death inhaled the dead god into his lungs.  Then he blew the soul out into the god’s former hourglass. 
16. The Divine Angel of Death agitated the hourglass, which separated the soul’s memories (personality of the recently ended life) from the soul’s essence (the life force), cleaning the slate.  This was called refinement.  The soul’s memories become sand (called memory sand) that is placed into a shallow dish.  Cleaning the slate resets the soul to a neutral polarity.
17. The Divine Seer then weighs the memory sand against the refined memory sand on a balance scale. (D)
18. The Divine Seer passes judgment.  If the memory sand is lighter than the refined memory sand, then the soul is rewarded.  If the memory sand was the same weight, then judgment is neutral.  If the memory sand is heavier, then the soul is damned.
19. The old hourglass, which still contains the soul’s essence, was placed in a sacred bag and given to the Divine Angel of Death, along with the souls destination.  The destination is either a pregnant goddess, or if damned to humanity, the Divine Angel of Death takes the soul to The Crystal of Kismet and hands the task off to a non-Divine Angel of Death.  The soul’s charge is set by the womb in which it is placed.
20. If the soul is reincarnated as a god, once the Divine Angel of Death has reincarnated the soul, he returns to the Judgment Hall. 
21. The Divine Seer blows a new hourglass from molten glass that he made from the refined memory sand, the old hourglass, and raw materials. 
22. The new hourglass was then filled up with the memory sand. 
23. The new hourglass was placed in its new location in the Prism of Providence.
24. The new soul’s memories develop over the god’s new lifetime.

A.  Once converged, the twin gods are referred to the singular
B.  If twin gods are being processed, the second hourglass was processed, too, but for simplicity’s sake, this list deals with one god
C.  which was made from the previous life’s memories
D.  Twins to be reincarnated together shared responsibility, and the souls were judged simultaneously.  Thus, both dishes of memory sand were weighed against both dishes containing the old sand


NOTE:  Reapers may not astral or echoport into the judgment hall with a soul.  The soul must always be brought in to the judgment hall via the Medianus Iteru.

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