Thursday, November 7, 2013

Vision & Perception ~ Two Suns in Eden's Sky

Two Suns

Eye See ~ Vision & Perception

Life was produced when Paradox was split into two separate suns, which in turn was split again and again to infinity.  And all that splits must also join again in union, again and again, eternally separating, fragmenting into particles only to rejoin again in waves.   Every fragment of God contains all the information that is in God, even if not perceived.
In the realm of Eden, these two separate suns are binary stars.  Each sun produces a different kind of light.  One star, called Ordearth, produces Order light, which is only visible to one race, called Shatter Kinder.  It is like the Earth’s sun, in that the sky appears blue, the plant life green, and so on. 
The other star, called Koslovea, produces Chaos light, which is only visible to another race, called Geist Kinder.  To them, the sky appears Orange and the plant life Magenta.
Both races of Kinder believe themselves to be like the stars - pure energy.  They believe the realm in which they dwell to be nothing more than communal perception of the movement, or change, of energy.
Energy is emitted from the suns as energy quanta, also known as photons.  The photon is a quantum of the electromagnetic field, for instance light.1  The interaction of photons with other particles drives the universe.
The light of the two suns interacts with one another to create the perceived reality of the realm of Eden in a holographic manner.  The primary beam reflects off the object.  The secondary beam strikes the primary beam’s reflected light, which creates the interference patterns that are perceived by the eyes.2

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