Monday, November 18, 2013

Color & Frequency Theory ~ Spherical Standing Waves (Introduction)

Spherical Standing Waves
~ Introduction ~

Metaphysical science teaches that opposing waves, twin spherical waves moving radially in opposite directions, form particles when “in-waves,” the wave which moves inward towards the center, and “out-waves,” the wave which moves outward, function together as a spherical “standing-wave.”  The center of the standing wave functions as a particle.  However, because the charge forces permeate the Universe, the location is in effect only, for it has omnipresence.
Thus, a light photon particle is an illusion produced by the temporary, characteristically varied waves traveling between two high Wave-Density Wave-Centers.  Two Spherical Standing Waves oscillate and exchange energy similar to joined pendulums.  They are allowed to change frequency determined by the modulation of each other’s In and Out-Waves because of the electromagnetic energy exchange union provided by the disproportionate output to input centers of high Wave-Density Wave-Centers.  Since significant energy exchange union can only occur between two waves that have the same resonant features, the law of conservation of energy dictates equal and opposite changes to the frequency.
When opposite changes of frequency take place between two high Wave-Density Wave-Centers, frequency seems to be transferred from the center of one high Wave-Density Wave-Center to another.  One observes a loss of frequency where frequency decreases and added frequency where it increases.  The transference seems to travel the velocity of light, along with the speed of the In-Waves of the receiving high Wave-Density Wave-Center.  When numerous changes happen simultaneously, one can sample part of it and observe a beam of light, perceived as continuous electromagnetic waves.  When single exchanges occur, one observes photons as individual Standing Wave interactions.11

In Eden, in-waves are the absorbing, negative light of Koslovea, while out-waves are the emitting, positive light of Ordearth. 

An illustration of the theoretical spherical standing wave, a photon composed of one in-going wave, and one out-going wave.

 Diagram 12

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