Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tree of Life ~ The Four Archetypes & The Tree Diagrams

A Different Perspective – As Below, So Above.

The nature of the perceived is relative to the position of the perceiver.  Whereas the traditional Tree of Life represents pathways on mankind’s spiritual journeys, the Suturian Tree of Life represents pathways on the gods’ spiritual journeys.  The gods, being above mankind in relation to Paradox, see the Tree of Life differently from humans, and thus, the Suturian Tree of Life follows different rules.  This changes several things. 

In Suturian philosophy, there are Four Archetypes of the Tree of Life.

Archetype A. Tree of Life (TOL) (Absolute Order within Order)
Archetype B.  Tree of Knowledge (TOK)(Absolute Chaos within Chaos)
Archetype C.  Qliphothic Tree of Life (QTOL)(Relative Order within Chaos)
Archetype D.  Qliphothic Tree of Knowledge (QTOK)(Relative Chaos within Order)

Since this is a book about color theory and how one can utilize color theory to understand Paradox, the colors applied throughout the Four Archetypes do not represent alchemical interplay, they are the alchemical interplay.  I listened to the colors and laid them out as they wanted to be arranged. 
Mimicking the Suturian color wheel for the Order Hemisphere, each Sephirah is represented by a primary color of order light or chaos light. 
I began with what I knew from science.  I applied Earth’s visible light spectrum (Order in Order) along the right hand path so that the corresponding colors are in descending order from Chokmah, closest to Paradox (cosmic rays); to Netzach, closest to earth (radio waves).  Next, I applied the colors for Chaos in Order in ascending order from Hod to Binah, along the left hand path.  Thus, order light is on the right, chaos light is on the left, and the secondary colors are along the paths.
Along the middle pillar, there are three colors on the Tree of Life that are not represented on the Suturian color wheels thus far:  Daath, Tiphareth, and Yesod.  I made the color Daath by combining equal parts of Kether White, Chokmah Blue, and Binah Cyan (33% each).  I made Tiphareth by combining equal parts of C, M, Y, & R,G,B. (12.5% each, rounded up to 13% each).  I made the color Yesod by combing equal parts of Malkuth black, Hod yellow, and Netzach Red (33% each). 
Once I had conceptualized the Tree of Life, I manipulated the Tree of Life, flipping it vertically and inverting the colors, until the dominate color bar Order in Order on the Tree of Life matched the look of the dominate color bar on each subsequent tree.  For example, the dominate color bar on the Tree of Knowledge is Chaos in Chaos.  I manipulated the Tree of Life until the Order in Order color bar looked like the Chaos in Chaos color bar.  Once this happened, I knew that this was the Tree of Knowledge.

* NOTE:  When printed as a book, the following four illustrations have been arranged to print back to back and line up in the Superposition.

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