Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Rosy Cross ~ Introduction

The Rosy Cross

In this section, I take the symbolism of the Rosy Cross and apply it to Suturian Mythos and color theory.  This chapter is a mishmash of information from multiple sources, combined with my own theology, making it difficult to site specific passages.  However, a list of my resources and influences is available under Works Cited.

Just as there are four trees in Suturian Philosophy, so too are there four Rosy Crosses, presented as four Cube Stones.

They are:

Archetype A.) Positive White Cube Stone of Infinite Expansion. (TOL)
Archetype B.) Negative White Cube Stone of Infinite Contraction.  (TOK)
Archetype C.) Qliphothic Positive White Cube Stone of Finite Expansion (The
Positive Black Cube Stone) (QTOL)
Archetype D.) Qliphothic Negative White Cube Stone of Finite Contraction
(The Negative Black Cube Stone)(QTOK)

All of this is contained within a figure that is called Metatron’s Cube.  We’ll get back to that.

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