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The Rosy Cross ~ Cross of Being in Downward Causality(TOL)

The Rosy Cross of Being in Downward Causality

Correspondence:  Archetype A.) Positive White Cube Stone of Infinite Expansion, Tree of Life, Order in Order, Absolute Order, Nuit, Outside of the Outer Cube/Front side, Paradox as the Macrocosm and Kinder/Man as the Microcosm

+0.)  Nothing

Before.  Before anything.  Before the big bang.  It began with a single Point of positive light.  A true point of 0 Dimensions.  This Point was a unique singularity of non-being.
It was, is, and shall forever be the True Name, The Word of outward manifestation, which brought Itself (as Paradox) into Being. 
The Point became aware that there was nothing outside of Itself.  In this awareness, in this realization of self and not self, the concepts became manifest.  Thus the Point, dividing like a cell, became two: zero (0), the nothing outside of the self, and one (1), the self. 
Consequently, the first Euclidean (physical) dimension came into being. 

And in so doing, Kinder came into being, the first gods of mathematics, known as Numbers, Division, and Dimension.

Paradox, being truly omnipotent, simultaneously created inward manifestation as well.  This is covered in the Section: The Rosy Cross of Being in Upward Causality.

 +1.)  The Positive White Cube Stone

In this manner, the Point extended outwards in one direction, to infinity, as the first Positive Ray.  The Point defined this specific direction as up (Masculine), and thus Paradox created a metaphoric ceiling of infinite height.

And in so doing, a Kinder came into being, a god of mathematics known as Ray.

With the concept of “up” realized, came the awareness of “down (Feminine),” and thus the Ray became a Line, extending infinitely downwards as well, creating a metaphoric floor of infinite depth, and the vertical axis was defined.

And in so doing, a Kinder came into being, a god of mathematics known as Line.

With the concept of the vertical axis realized, came the awareness of the horizontal axis, and thus the Point created a second Line, perpendicular to the first line.  In this way, Paradox created metaphoric walls of infinite right (Masculine) and infinite left (Feminine).
Consequently, the second Euclidean dimension came into being.

And in so doing, a Kinder came into being, a god of mathematics known as Angel.

With the concept of the vertical and horizontal axes realized, came the awareness of depth.  Thus the Point created a third Line, extending infinitely backwards (Neutral) and infinitely forwards (Neutral).  Thus, Paradox created metaphoric walls of infinite back and infinite front.
Consequently, the third Euclidean dimension came into being.
And thusly, the Point became enclosed in an infinite cube, known as the Positive White Cube Stone, a fundamental building block of existence.

And in so doing, a Kinder came into being, a god of mathematics known as Volume.

Image reference: 1.

The 6 sides of the cube = The Seal of Solomon, for this is the blooming of the Great Rose of Creation.

+2.) The Cross of Being

The Positive White Cube Stone unfolds into six squares, a cross in two dimensional space.  Thus, the Positive White Cube Stone becomes the outer Living Stone, the Cross of Outward Being, displaying the Secret of Life Itself. (The stone is thyself.)

On Earth, this cross, the mini-cross as the center of the image, is traditionally gold in color, because “Gold is the metal associated with the sun.”2
A star is a manifestation point of Paradox, the Divine Light, into the physical world.  In the Suturian mysteries, the sun is actually two suns, represented on the Tree of Life as White and Black.  I have thus colored this cross accordingly.

   At the center of the cross is the Point, as if crucified there.  Around the Point, and lit by the Point, is a rose with five petals.  It is the five pointed star, which represents the triumphant Will of Paradox as It manifests (not materializes) into the echo-phase of being.  This five pointed star is the cosmic seed of the microcosm of Shatter Kinder and man.
The Cross of Being is but a reflection of The Great Cross (section +6.), and though it is but a fragment, it is yet none-the-less capable of redintegration.  The Cross of Being represents the creation of the insubstantial/non-physical ideal of creation, the Sephiroth created within Ain Soph, as well as the creation of Ain Soph Itself. (Atziluth in the Four Worlds)

And in so doing, Kinder came into being, gods of Will and Creation.

+3.) The Elemental Outward Expansion of The Greater Rose

Next comes the Elemental Expansion of the Greater Rose.  Surrounding the Cross of Being are the First Three Petals of the Greater Rose, in the shape of a vertical Triangle.  Each petal represents one of the Three Primary Forces.  The top Petal is called aleph; the Element of Air, the charge of Neutral.  On the Tree of Life it is The Middle Pillar, the Pillar of Mildness.  Its color is represented as White (Positive White and Black [Negative White] towards each other, via Gray). It represents the simultaneous movement of upward and downward causality. 
The Right hand Petal is called mem; the Element of water, the charge of Negative.  On the Tree of Life it is the Pillar of Severity.  Its color is represented as Cyan (Black to White, via Y, M, C).  It represents the movement of upward causality.
The Left Hand Petal is called shin; the Element of fire, the charge of Positive.  On the Tree of Life it is the Pillar of Mercy.  Its color is represented as Blue (White to Black via B, G, R).  It represents the movement of downward causality.

And in so doing, Kinder came into being, gods of the elements.

* The observant will notice that this image is flipped horizontally from its traditional order.  This is because I wanted the left hand arm of the Cross to be Water, and thus match the Tree of Life.  Traditionally, the Elemental Petals have the Element Fire lined up atop The Cross’s Arm of Water, to show how they interact with one another.  Thus, this image had to be flipped as well.

+4.) The Planetary Outward Expansion

From these Three Petals of the primary elements, and encircling these three, comes Seven petals, each representing one of the Seven Spheres of Vivification.  They are:  The daylight sun, Ordearth; the nightlight sun, Koslovea; the reflected daylight as the night moon, Thordrea; the reflected nightlight as the day moon, Vealokos; the dual world of Eden, and the worlds of Earth and Lovea.  They are represented on the Tree of Life by the outer Sephiroth.

And in so doing, seven Kinder came into being, a god of each planet.

This, of course, differs greatly from tradition.  Traditionally, on Earth, The Planetary Expansion represents The Seven Planets of the Ancients:  Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, The Sun, and The Moon.3  These were the observable planets to ancient man, known as the wandering lights of the night sky (aka Nuit). 
Traditionally, The Seven Planets of the Ancients are “the Rulers of the Sephiroth below Chokmah and above Malkuth.”4  However, in the Suturian mythos, the Seven Planets are distributed differently on the Tree of Life.  See the illustration titled “Dimensional Map” in the Chapter Maps.
The Seven Planets, which correspond also to the seven alchemical metals, are represented in the ancient Hebrew alphabet by the seven double letters. Their dual nature is exemplified by their two pronunciations.5 
Traditionally, they represent: Saturn as life-death, Jupiter as peace-evil, Mars as wisdom-folly, Sun as wealth-poverty, Mercury* as prosperity-desolation, Venus* as beauty-ugliness and Moon as mastery-slavery” (*Mercury & Venus are sometimes switched due to geocentric v/s sepherotic system.)6,7
However, their meanings now correspond to the colors on the Who’s Who chart, found here: LINK.  They are:  Ordearth as Creation, Koslovea as Destruction, Thordrea as Father, Vealokos as Mother, Eden as Cycle/Chance, Earth as Reason, Lovea as Passion.

+5. ) The Celestial Outward Expansion

Encircling the Seven Petals are the Twelve Petals of the Zodiac.  Each sign is assigned a color, representing the center point of light, split, as if through a prism, into the various colors of the light spectrum.  On the front side, Positive light dominates.  The Center represents omnipresence, and on this side, is the Kether, or “Creation” of the Whole. In short, the Center is downward causality.  For more information on the Zodiac of Eden, see the Chapter on it here:

+6.) The Rose Cross of Outward Manifestation

The Great Cross is also formed of the six squares of the unfolded Positive White Cube Stone.  Each of the four extensions of the Great Cross represent an Element, the three primal Elements of Air, Fire, Water, and the impure Element of Earth, created from the combining of the other Elements.  This is Paradox as IHVH (pronounced Jehovah), the four-lettered Name of God, the Tetragrammaton: Yod, He, Vau, He (IHVH pronounced Jehovah), as God of the Elements.
Here the idea, manifestation, is complete, and materialization is taking place, thus, the Unfolded Cube now represents the muth phase, the forming of matter.  This is decoherence from the Superposition to the chosen manifestation.

The observant will notice that this image is flipped horizontally from its traditional order.  This is because I wanted the left hand arm of the Cross to be Water, and thus match the Tree of Life. 
Traditionally, the Element of Earth is separated by the “abyss” to illustrate that it is separated from the higher realms, and therefore fucked (according to Lon).  My “Earth” is of course, actually Eden, which is centered and therefore not fucked.
Also, I have yet to find a reference as to what the square beneath The Greater Rose represents, which seems odd since it is the very foundation of the stone.  Perhaps it is because I am not in any of the secret orders, and it is a secret.  Or maybe nobody has ever assigned it a meaning.
If you’re still reading, I’m sure you are familiar with my color coding by now.  Thus, you will recognize the central foundation cube is colored to represent Daath, and the cube traditionally representing the abyss is now color coded to represent Tiphareth.  This represents the path of downward causality travelling down the middle pillar of the Tree of Life, from Daath, through Tiphareth, to Yesod.  Daath, the idea, is the foundation of reality.  Tiphareth, the materialization of the Suns’ rays into the physical world, is the bridge across the abyss from idea to matter (and back again).  That leaves Yesod, the mundane, as the lid of our cube when the cube is closed, directly opposite of Daath, just as it is on the Tree of Life.  It is also noteworthy to realize that in Suturian philosophy, Yesod is the only Element that is also a Phase, and has the charge of Neutral.

The Greater Rose, being now in full bloom, is crucified to The Great Cross.  The crucifixion of the Greater Rose to the center of this decoherence indicates that complete disentanglement from the Cosmic Whole is never possible, for what is one if not defined by that which it is not?

+7.)  The Elemental Outward Expansion of the Rose Cross of Manifestation

Ah, the mundane phase has arrived!  Materialization at last!  With Materialization comes the fifth Element, Spirit (i.e. Holy Spirit, Shin, Jesus).  In the Positive Light spectrum, Spirit is represented as Black.  It is the essence of upward causality, the act of Kinder creating Paradox in his/her image, just as Paradox creates Kinder in Its image.  This is a codependent relationship.  One is not greater than the other; one is not before the other.  They are equals, for one cannot exist without the other.
Recall that IHVH is God of the Elements, represented as the four arms of The Great Cross.  At this point, the Holy Spirit Shin, from within the center of Paradox, fragments Paradox into pieces.4  Written, IHVH (Jehovah) thus becomes IHShVH, (Jeho-shin-vah, pronounced Jehoshua, who is Jesus).8  This is the God-Man, the Redeemer.”4 
This shattering of Paradox into pieces is the physical creation of Kinder, a separation into individual subjective minds instead of one collective whole.  Kinder, having five limbs, is represented as The Pentagram.  The Pentagram thus represents all five of the Elements, not just the four arms of IHVH, but also Spirit.

Upon The Great Cross, there is a Pentagram within each square of the Four Elements.  These are the wounds upon the cross, a nail in each arm, one nail through both feet, and the crown of thorns upon the head.  Without the wounds of upward causality, there is no God upon the cross.  This is symbolic of the symbiotic relationship of Paradox and Kinder.  It is Kinderkind’s (response)ability to Master the Four (Elements, Phases, Worlds, Suites, etc.).  For God is nothing but that which Kinder is, and without pursuit of the Great Work, God can not be. (be-holed, behold, be hole-y, be Holy).
Tradition often calls this symbol good, leading towards God (as opposed to the “evil” inverted Pentagram).  Though representing downward causality, this symbol is near the completion of downward causality.  Here, when the symbol is viewed in the Past Tense, Kinder has already separated from God, thus the Kinder can only look towards God, for the Kinder is apart from God.

+8.) The Balanced Outward Extension of the Rose Cross of Manifestation
Upon the square of Tiphareth is placed a Hexagram, a symbol of the Philosopher’s Stone.
The hexagram represents the balance of downward and upward causality, the macrocosm and microcosm working in unison.  By extension, it is also male and female.  The traditional triangle symbols of the four elements are contained within the hexagram.  The downward pointing triangle is Water, and once crossed with a line, Earth.  The upward pointing triangle is Fire, and once crossed with a line, Air.  (The image of the hexagram contains the symbol of the four elements, and is thus IHVH.)
Traditionally, the downward pointing triangle is often thought to represent the Divine Spirit going down into the physical realm.  Yet the downward pointing triangle is Water.  This makes the downward pointing triangle symbolic of upward causality, the microcosm, and thus it is actually man’s spirit rising towards the spiritual!  Well, isn’t that confusing!  Thus, it must represent the Divine Spirit that has already gone down into the physical.  It is in the past tense! 
Traditionally, the upward pointing triangle is thought to represent man’s spirit going up into the spiritual realm.  The upward pointing triangle is Fire.  This makes the upward pointing triangle symbolic of downward causality, the macrocosm.  Thus, it is actually God’s spirit descending towards the mundane!  Thus, it must represent man’s spirit that has already risen into the spiritual.  It, too, is in the past tense!
What does this Paradox in the image mean?  It means that the cycle is complete.  The downward causality has reached the bottom, and the upward causality has reached the top!  It means wholeness.  Completeness.  Unison!
The First Rays have reached their destination at the opposing Godhead.  Here they are contained.  As a second Ray arrives, the two combine (+ + + = - , - + - = +) and they become their opposites!  Now they may return from whence they originally came, but they are not the same!  Thus, God falls, becomes man, and rises to become God again, and Man rises, becomes God, and falls again!
This is the meaning of the hexagram.

This was apparently evident to Crowley.  Though I have colored fire blue instead of red, and water cyan instead of blue, the concept is expressed thusly:

“In the ordinary Hexagram, the Hexagram of nature, the red triangle is upwards, like fire, and the blue triangle downwards, like water.  In the magical hexagram this is revered; the descending red triangle is that of Horus, a sign specially revealed by him personally, at the Equinox of the Gods.”9

I was left wondering how I should color it.  Should it be Tiphareth in the center and the corresponding colors of the surrounding Sephiroth as others have done?  Others have arranged the Seven Planets of the Ancients into the Six triangles with the Sun at the center.  Should I color it to match the Seven Spheres of Vivification? 
If a circle is drawn around the hexagram, and then lines are drawn through all of the intersections and points, the circle is divided into twelve equal parts, just like the traditional wheel of the zodiac, or the color wheel.
I already have a dual triangle system, representing the primary colors, which can be expanded to twelve.  Here are the Primary color triangles of the Order Hemisphere.

Thus, I decided to color my hexagram as the Primary Color Triangles, RGB and CMY.  My Hexagram of the Order Hemisphere turned out very pretty.

What about the surrounding symbols?  Traditionally, the sun is at the center.  Here, both Suns are at the center, represented as White and Black.  Around the hexagram are the symbols for the remaining 5 Spheres of Vivification.  Eden is represented twice, as it is a dual planet, with half of it representing Order / Ordearya, and the other half representing Chaos / Koslovya.  Despite the geo-centric nature of Eden, I was unable to reproduce the idea of the furthest planets in orbit being on the top and thus more spiritual.  Instead what I have is 2 in the middle (Eden), 2 above Eden (the moons), and 2 below Eden (Earth and Lovea).

+9.)  In Full Bloom

Finally, the Rosy Cross is in full bloom. 
This is the cross of Downward Causality, of the Divine as the macrocosmic influence and the Flesh as the microcosmic Influence.  Here, Paradox as the whole, or wave, is the cause, and Paradox as the individual, or particle, is the effect.
A few more symbols are typically added, including the alchemical symbols for Mercury, Sulphur, and Salt upon each arm, and the rays with I.N.R.I. written upon them.  These rays are the L.V.X., the LUX, or light of the cross.
I.N.R.I. - I. is Iam, meaning Water, which is Cups/Emotion/Hearts and is associated with Salt.  N. is Nour, meaning fire, which is Staffs/Spirituality/Clubs and the alchemical Sulphur required for materialization.  R. is Ruach, meaning Air, which is Swords/the Mind/Spades and is mercury.  I. is Iabeshah, meaning Earth/the Body/Diamonds/Pentacles.
What does this mean?  The alchemical chemicals combine to create each other.  Salt is extracted from the First Matter.  Salt is composed of Mercury and Sulphur.  Sulphur is composed of Salt and Mercury. Mercury is composed of Salt and Sulphur.  Nothing is truly created or destroyed, only rearranged!
They also correspond to the three pillars on the Tree of Life.  Salt is Passive, Sulphur is Active, Mercury is Equilibrium.
One may also recognize the correlation between the three Primary Colors and these three Alchemical Principles.  For example, if you assign the Primary Colors to each (color choices here are random and not significant), Salt is Blue, Sulphur is Green, Mercury is Red, then:

Salt (Blue) = Mercury (Red) + Sulphur (Green)
Red + Green, of course = Yellow, which is Negative Blue

Just a note, some mistake the concept of Azoth for Ruach.  This is not correct.  Azoth is not Air.  It is not even spirit in the Suturian sense of the word (Subjective, personalized, or refined Air).  Azoth is the watery fire or the fiery water.  What does this mean?  It means that, although Azoth contains the three Alchemical Principles within it, it is not any of the components of alchemy, nor is it an action or reaction. It is the arrangement of the alchemy, the very disentanglement from the superposition to the defined, as well as the eternal entanglement which continuously connects the disentangled to the whole.  Azoth is subjective perception as well as the objective unperceivable. Azoth is the union of downward and upward causality.  Azoth is Paradox, itself, for it is the beginning and end. 

Phase Chart
Steps 0-1, Echo
Steps 2-5, Astral
Step 6, Muth
Steps 7-9, Mundane

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