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The Rosy Cross ~ Cross of Being in Upward Causality(TOK)

The Rosy Cross of Being in Upward Causality

Correspondence: Archetype B.) Negative White Cube Stone of Infinite Contraction, Tree of Knowledge, Chaos in Chaos, Absolute Chaos, Hadit, Inside of the Inner Cube/Backside, Kinder/Man as the Macrocosm and Paradox as the Microcosm

This section is difficult to write.  What one tends to think of as Upward Causality is actually Qliphothic Upward Causality and thus finite.  The opposite of Infinite Expansion is not Collapse.  The expansion described in the previous section is an external expansion.  What I’m basically describing in this section is an internal expansion.  It is what happens when Paradox expands Its mind as opposed to Its body.  It’s difficult enough to imagine the infinite out, but the infinite in and the subsequent implications become mind boggling and confusing.  Regardless, I’m going to give it try.
This is the section that reflects upon the concept of Hadit.  Crowley describes Nuit as the circumference, Hadit as the center.  This is easy enough to understand. 
Yet he goes on to describe Nuit as matter and Hadit as motion.  What does this mean?  Matter is energy slowed down in vibrational frequency.  Vibrational frequency is motion.  What the hell is energy without movement?
The best analogy I could come up with, inspired by Henri Bergson’s Matter and Memory, is that Nuit is the passage, and Hadit is the journey.  (That would make Heru Ra Ha not the observer, but the observation itself.)
This is how Hadit mimics Nuit, but is not the reflection of Nuit.  The journey mimics the passage, but it is not a reflection of the passage.  I will get back to this in the Section Metatron’s Cube.
-0.)  Before.  Before anything.  Before the big bang.  It began with a single Point of negative light.  A true point of 0 Dimensions.  This Point was a unique singularity of non-being.
It was, is, and shall forever be the True Name, The Word of inward manifestation, which brought Itself (as Paradox) into Being.
The Point became aware that there was nothing inside of Itself.  In this awareness, in this realization of self and not self, the concepts became manifest.  Thus the Point, dividing like a cell, became two: zero (0), the nothing inside of the self, and one (1), the self. 
Consequently, the first psychic dimension (dimension within the mind) came into being. (in echo form)
And in so doing, Kinder came into being, the first gods of mind known as Thought and Emotion, and a god known as Inner Dimensions.

 -1.)In this manner, the Point extended inwards in one direction, to infinity, as the first Negative Ray.  The Point defined this specific direction as Descension (Doubt/Questioning (F) “the depths of despair”), and thus Paradox created a mental floor of infinite depth.
And in so doing, a Kinder came into being, a god of emotion known as Despair.
With the concept of “Descension” realized, came the awareness of “Ascension,” (Faith/Acceptance (M) “the heights of ecstasy”) and thus the Depression became bi-polar, extending infinitely upwards as well, creating a mental ceiling of infinite height.
And in so doing, a Kinder came into being, a god of emotion known as Mania.
With the concept of the polarized mind realized, came the awareness of the balanced mind, and thus the Point created a second mindset, perpendicular to the first mindset.  In this way, Paradox created mental walls of infinite left (Passion, Willpower (F) “right-brain thinking”) and infinite right (Reason, Logic (M) “left-brain thinking”).  Balance is also associate with Ma’at and Libra, thus it is judgment and justice.
Consequently, the second psychic dimension (dimension within the mind) came into being.
And in so doing, Kinder came into being, gods of thought and emotion known as Passion and Reason.  So too came the gods of judgment and justice.
With the concept of the polarized and balanced axes realized, came the awareness of depth.  Thus the Point created a third mindset, an awareness of time, extending infinitely forwards (Imagination/Conceptualization (N) the future, forward thinking, progressive (ahead) (onward) and infinitely backwards (Perception /Observation (N) (time/the past) (backwards attitude) (behind) (regressive).  Thus, Paradox created mental walls of infinite front and infinite back.
Consequently, the third psychic dimension (dimension within the mind) came into being. (muth, the finite life)
And thusly, the Point enclosed an infinite cube, known as the Negative White Cube Stone, a fundamental building block of existence.
And in so doing, a Kinder came into being, a god of soul known as An Angel of Life and Death.

This is the inward blooming of the Great Rose of Creation.

-2.) The Cross of Being

The Negative White Cube Stone unfolds into six squares, a cross in two dimensional space.  Thus, the Negative White Cube Stone becomes the inner Living Stone, the Cross of Inner Being, hiding the Secret of Life Itself. (The stone is thyself.)

The image is colored the same here as on the Downward Cross, for both Suns are represented equally in the source image; however, the image is inverted, just as the Tree of Knowledge. 

At the center of the cross is the Point, as if crucified there.  Around the Point, and lit by the Point, is a rose with five petals, now inverted. 
It is the inverted five pointed star, which represents the conquered Will, aka Submission, of Paradox as It manifests (not materializes) into the echo-phase of being.  This inverted five pointed star is the cosmic seed of the macrocosm of Man
Let me reiterate that,
The Cross of Being is but a reflection of The Great Cross (section -6.), and though it is but a fragment, it is yet none-the-less capable of redintegration.  The Cross of Being represents the creation of the insubstantial/non-physical ideal of creation, the Sephiroth created within Ain Soph, as well as the creation of Ain Soph Itself. (Atziluth in the Four Worlds)

And in so doing, Kinder came into being, gods of Submission and Destruction.

-3.) The Elemental Inward Expansion of the cross

Next comes the Elemental Expansion of the Rose.  Surrounding the Cross of Being are the First Three Petals of the Greater Rose, in the shape of a vertical Triangle, now inverted.  Each petal represents one of the Three Primary Forces.  Note that the symbol for each Element is now inverted.
The top Petal is called aleph; the Element of Air (as Destruction), the charge of Neutral.  On the Tree of Knowledge it is The Middle Pillar, the Pillar of Mildness.  Its color is represented as White (Negative White and Black [aka Positive White] towards each other, via Gray). It represents the simultaneous movement of upward and downward causality. 
The Left hand Petal is called mem; the Element of Water (as Reason), the charge of Negative.  On the Tree of Knowledge it is the Pillar of Severity.  Its color is represented as Cyan (White to Black, via C, M, Y) It represents the movement of upward causality.
The Right Hand Petal is called shin; the Element of Fire (as Passion), the charge of Positive.  On the Tree of Knowledge it is the Pillar of Mercy.  Its color is represented as Blue (Black to White via R, G, B) It represents the movement of downward causality.

And in so doing, Kinder came into being, gods of the elements.

-4.) The Planetary Expansion

And from these primary elements, comes The Sphere Expansion.

Encircling these Three petals, are Seven petals, each representing one of the Seven Spheres of Vivification.  They are represented on the Tree of Knowledge by the outer Sephiroth.

And in so doing, seven Kinder came into being, a god of each planet.

The question here is what is an inner planet?  How is planet within the mind?  Traditionally, each planet represented an aspect, for example, Saturn as life-death.  These are the inner planets of Paradox, the emotional aspects of the Spheres.
They are Ordearth, Creation (as Destruction).  Koslovea, Destruction (as Creation).  Thordrea, Father (as Passion).  Vealokos, Mother (as Reason)... Eden, Cycle (as Chance)/ Chance (as Cycle).  Earth, Reason (as Mother). Lovea, Passion (as Father).

-5. ) The Celestial Inward Expansion

Encircling the Seven Petals are the Twelve Petals of the Zodiac.  Each sign is assigned a color, representing the center point of light, split, as if through a prism, into the various colors of the light spectrum.  On the inner cube /back side, Negative light dominates.  The Center represents omnipresence, and on this side, is Destruction (as Creation), aka Malkuth (as Kether), the “Destruction” of the Whole. In short, the Center is upward causality.  For more information on the Zodiac of Eden, see the Chapter on it beginning here:  LINK

-6.) The Rose Cross of Inward Manifestation

The Great Cross is also formed of the six squares of the unfolded Negative White Cube Stone.  Each of the four extensions of the Great Cross represents an Element, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth.  This is Paradox as IHVH, as God of the Elements.
Let me reiterate that, here the idea, manifestation, is complete, and materialization is taking place, thus, the Unfolded Cube now represents the muth phase, the forming of matter.  This is decoherence from the Superposition to the chosen manifestation.

The central foundation cube is colored to represent Yesod (as Daath), and the cube traditionally representing the abyss is color coded to represent Tiphareth.  This represents the path of upward causality travelling down the middle pillar of the Tree of Knowledge, from Yesod (as Daath), through Tiphareth, to Daath (as Yesod).  On this side of the tree, Yesod (as Daath), the mundane as the idea, is the foundation of reality.  Tiphareth, the materialization of the Suns’ rays into the physical world, is the bridge across the abyss from matter to idea (and back again).  That leaves Daath (as Yesod), the idea as the mundane, as the lid of our cube when the cube is closed, directly opposite of Yesod (as Daath), just as it is on the Tree of Knowledge.  It is also noteworthy to realize that in Suturian philosophy, Daath (as Yesod) is the only Element that is also a Phase, and has the charge of Neutral.
The Greater Rose, being now in full bloom, is crucified to The Great Cross.  The crucifixion of the Greater Rose to the center of this decoherence indicates that complete disentanglement from the Cosmic Whole is never possible, for what is one if not defined by that which it is not?

-7.)  The Elemental Inward Expansion of the Rose Cross of Manifestation

This is the point of Materialization and the mundane phase.  With Materialization comes the fifth Element, Spirit (i.e. Holy Spirit, Shin, Jesus).  In the Negative Light spectrum, Spirit is represented as Black. However, in this paradigm, Black is Destruction (as Creation), aka creative change. 
This is the essence of upward causality, the act of Kinder creating Paradox in his/her image, just as Paradox creates Kinder in Its image.
If this is inside Paradox’s mind, then this must be Paradox’s ideas, right?  So how can Paradox’s ideas be physical, as they are here in Step -7.?  My ideas are not physical; therefore Paradox’s cannot be, either.  True, but my ideas can become physical, but only when expressed through the physical medium of the body.  I can think of a creature and draw it.  I can feel love and hug someone.  So too, can Paradox.  So step -7 must be the equivalent of this, the expression of Paradox’s thoughts into the physical medium.
And it also the inverse of this, how the physical medium effects the mind.
It’s easy to understand how God creates Kinder/Man, or how the Sunlight makes the Moonlight, but how does the moonlight make the sunlight? 
Shin/Kinder/Man is a reflection of Paradox, made in God’s image.  The reflection mimics the source.  How can a reflection become the source, aka the cause?
One of the definitions of reflect is “cause to return or rebound.”12  The very definition of reflect contains the word cause in it, so it certainly can be the cause, but how?
The answer is through self-awareness, through cognizance. 
How do our own reflections change who we are?  If one does not like what one sees in the mirror, one will adjust his or her self to compensate.  If one dislike’s one’s hair, one may cut it.  If one dislikes one’s body, one goes on a diet and starts exercising.  The same is true with personal reflections.  If one dislike’s one’s own bad habit, such as smoking, one may quit smoking.
So too, do we, as the reflections of Paradox, change Paradox.
A mirror is not truth.  A mirror doesn’t lie, but our own eyes may deceive us!  In self-reflection, we make Paradox better.  Or, if our own reflections/self-views are skewed, we make Paradox worse.  Yet, we change Paradox, none-the-less.
Reflections are powerful.  We look at ourselves and realize that we are beautiful or old.  And we become beautiful or old within our own mind’s eye.  We define ourselves with our own perspectives of ourselves.   So, too, do we define Paradox, for we are Paradox’s reflection, and as the self changes, so too does the reflection change!
Thus, the reflection becomes the active and the source becomes the passive.  It’s a game of Ping Pong.  Cause becomes Effect, Effect becomes Cause, repeat to infinity!
Does art imitate life, or life imitate art?  The answer is, of course, both.
It is here that God is shattered into all these personal selves, all these individual self-reflections, as Shin/Kinder/Man.  This shattering of Paradox into pieces is the physical creation of God as Shin/Kinder/Man. 
Without the wounds of upward causality, there is no God upon the cross. 
It is here that God becomes God, for without self-reflection, God just is.  If God cannot contemplate itself, God cannot be God.  I think therefore I am.  God thinks, therefore God is.  But if God doesn’t think of Itself as God, then God is not God.  This is the concept of God as the microcosm. 
This is the concept of Kinder/Man as the Macrocosm.  This is the meaning of the Inverted Pentagram. 
Tradition often calls this symbol evil, but it is not. 

Man cannot see God within the Inverted Pentagram, for in this symbol, man is God, and therefore man can only look through the eyes of God and therefore away from God.

-8.) The Balanced Inward Extension of the Rose Cross of Manifestation
Upon the square of Tiphareth is placed a Hexagram, a symbol representing the balance of downward and upward causality, the macrocosm and microcosm working in unison.  Like all the symbols on this side of the cross, so too is the Hexagram inverted.

I have colored this hexagram according to the Primary color triangles of the Chaos Hemisphere.

Here, the downward pointing triangle is Fire (as Passion).    This makes the downward pointing triangle symbolic of downward causality, which in this paradigm, is the microcosm.   Traditionally, the downward pointing triangle is often thought to represent the Divine Spirit going down into the physical realm, which holds true in this symbol. 
Here, the upward pointing triangle is Water (as Reason).  This makes the upward pointing triangle symbolic of upward causality, which in this paradigm is the macrocosm.  Traditionally, the upward pointing triangle is thought to represent man’s spirit going up into the spiritual realm, which holds true in this symbol. 
Let me reiterate that this symbol means that the cycle is complete.  The downward causality has reached the bottom, and the upward causality has reached the top!  It means wholeness.  Completeness.  Unison!
The First Rays have reached their destination at the opposing Godhead.  Here they are contained.  As a second Ray arrives, the two combine (+ + + = - , - + - = +) and they become their opposites!  Now they may return from whence they originally came, but they are not the same! 
Thus, Man rises, becomes God, and falls again, and God falls, becomes man, and rises to become God again!
This is the meaning of the hexagram.

-9.)  In Full Bloom

Finally, the Rosy Cross is in full bloom. 
This is the cross of Upward Causality, of Kinder/man as the macrocosmic influence and the Divine as the microcosmic Influence.  Here, Paradox as the parts, or particles, is the cause, and Paradox as the whole, or wave, is the effect.

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