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Color & Frequency Theory ~ The Nature of Paradox (Introduction)

Color & Frequency Theory
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~ Introduction ~

The question of whether or not an ultimate, almighty Paradox exists has plagued humankind and kinder alike since the dawn of time.  But really, the answer is quite simple.  Paradox both exists and doesn’t exist simultaneously, a complex state, which can only be accomplished by, well Paradox.
Now, one must remember what is known about Paradox, based on the reoccurring concepts accepted by the majority of religions & science. 
Paradox is omniscient, which means all knowing.  Paradox knows all and nothing because Paradox is all and nothing.  This idea is summed up in the euphemism, ‘You can only know another by walking a mile in his shoes.’  Paradox knows all, because Paradox is all.
Paradox is omnipotent, which means all-powerful.  What is more powerful than something that is only good?  Something that can be good or evil at will.  Paradox is not good or evil, male or female, black or white.  Paradox just is.
Paradox is omnipresent, which means everywhere.  Paradox is the animus (soul) of all things, from bacteria or a rock to the very air one breathes.  Paradox is everywhere, because Paradox is all things.
Humans and Kinder alike are composed of the same material as every other manifestation, be if flora, fauna, or inanimate object.  Humans and kinder are just matter.  Matter is energy.1  Everything is just energy.  Living entities are energy at a relatively slower vibration than spirit energy and a relatively higher vibration than inanimate objects.  Energy can be neither created nor destroyed.2  Energy is infinite, like Paradox.  Paradox is energy.
Therefore, the conclusion is that Paradox is all energy perceived in totality and simultaneously, and alternately, no energy perceived by anything (the empty space within an atom and between atoms).  This is the way of Paradox.
Everything in existence is made of energy.  Where does this energy originate?  What is the source of all life, of all energy? 
What is true and believed in most religions is a “universal truth” meaning it is accepted as a fact in the collective unconscious, and therefore, by collective belief, is true.  Accordingly, the godhead created the universe and thus existence.
Scientists theorize that the universe expanded forth from a primeval atom, an all-encompassing singularity.  Out of this big bang, the universe expanded.3  
From where did this primeval atom come from?  How is a singularity formed?  Black holes, which are collapsed large stars, devour surrounding energy, compressing it into a singularity.4,5,6   Imagine a supreme black hole, which is a black hole so hungry that it gobbles up everything.  Once the supreme black hole sucks everything in, it would become a primeval atom. 
A white hole is the hypothetical antithesis to a black hole, in that it emits matter rather than absorbs matter.7   In time, the supreme black hole turned primeval atom becomes overexcited, overheats, and erupts.  Once this primeval atom erupts, and is spewing out all surrounding energy, expanding it into a universe, it is the opposite of a supreme black hole, a supreme white hole. 
These two forces of ingestion and expulsion balance out (inward at one point in time and simultaneously outward at another point in time). The energy caught within the balancing act becomes a giant nuclear furnace, a supreme star.  The energy emitted by this supreme star is the known universe.  This one star repeats itself holographically, appearing to the observer to be all stars, innumerable and including the sun. 
This supreme star is expanding/collapsing until unbalanced, at which point the star goes supreme supernova.  Time starts anew in an infinite loop.  The supreme star is the beginning and the end, the alpha and omega.  The supreme star is infinite, stretching on forever.
Thus, the creation of the universe and everything spilled out from within the sun.  The sun created the universe and all that is in it, the heavens and the earth, and thus life, as did the godhead in many religions. 
Life comes from the stars.  The stars are the points where Paradox’s dreams are manifested. 
A common theme in many religions is that Paradox is “the light.”  People interpret this concept in many ways, but it’s beneficial for the observer to look at it from a scientific standpoint for a moment.
To accelerate to the speed of light, one needs infinite energy, which is infinite mass, which is the mass of all of existence.  As one travels faster, one shrinks and one’s perception of time decreases.  Once the speed of light is reached, one’s size will become zero.8  One will disappear, as will time.  One will be infinite, the all and the nothing.  One will be Paradox.
Thus everything is energy, which spills forth from the supreme star, called Paradox, as light, which the observer is not only housed within, but is also composed of.  The gods are nothing more than brilliant rays of sunlight split apart by a prism, each god a different color, and together they are one.

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